Keeping Your Website Updated

Okay so, you’ve finished building a website, it’s fully complete, finalised, the lot. Think you’re finished? Not just yet!

You need to remember to keep your website updated regularly. Adding new information or any content at all to your website is a key role in attracting new customers, and keeping your existing ones loyal to YOUR Company.

1. Showing up on Search Engines.

For instance, if you look at the above image, you can see that is the top search result when you search “photography uk”. This is due to the fact that it has the highest rankings compared to all the other photography websites based in the UK.

It’s soon followed by the website with the second highest rankings,, and the third;

Keep your website updated with new and fresh content as often as possible so your website will rank up higher in Google, and it keeps ahead of your competition. 

2. Showing Your Customers that Your Company is Still Active.

If the latest update on your website, being news, pictures or any other form of content was from a year ago, a potential customer visiting your website could think to themselves: “Hmm, it looks like these guys haven’t done anything in a long time.. are they still in business, or have they closed down or anything?”

Keep your customers interested and show them that your company is growing.

Share with them news about new and interesting offers or services you’re doing. Any changes to your business, got a new logo? Share it! Your website been upgraded? Share it! Proud of one of your company’s accomplishments? Share it!

 Do this every so often, every month or week or so, and you’ll be sure to remove any doubt from the visitor’s eyes. Heck, you may even impress them enough to want to do business with you. 

3. Getting Noticed.

Updating your website is no good if it’s boring and not interesting. The viewer is likely to dismiss it immediately if it doesn’t interest them, I know I would.

You need to find a way to make your newly updated content look interesting and appealing. If you can accomplish this, viewers are likely to notice and share it, tell other people about it. This is good, as more people will know about your company, and it gets you noticed. They may share it on social networks, or blogs, or hell, they may even throw a link to it on their own website.

Keep your website updated with new, fresh and interesting content to attract new customers, and keep the ones you already have. Not only that, but it makes your website look good in general too! 

4. Size Matters.

Right, you don’t want to look small and puny do you? Well, there’s no sugar coating it, if you’re not up to date, then your website isn’t growing in size, and that means.. you’re going to look..well.. small and puny. And yes, we’re most certainly talking about your website here. What else could we be talking about?

People like websites with lots of content to read and look at. Not an overwhelming amount of course, but just enough to show that your business is active and growing. It gives viewers a reason to stay on your website that little bit longer.

If your website is small with hardly any content on, the average viewer might just think: “Oh, well they’re not up to much then, are they? There’s nothing going on here.”

Not only is it nice to actually have tons of content on to keep customers interested and attracted, but it also increases your rankings on search engines too! 

And there you go. 4 Reasons why you should keep your website updated regularly with lots of interesting content.