Open Solution for Open Source

We here at Twiggled have worked collectively and on our own on many open source projects but have become lost with the direction that tends to lead away from something that benefits the community at large to benefit just one organisation or small group within the community.

This is why Today we are announcing the launch of our Open Source ambitions.

We will still have proprietary versions and a Market Place that allow us to generate an income to re-invest in the future of our Open Source Projects and business asperations while at the same time giving something back to the wider open source community.

Some of these projects will start from scratch others are ones we are taking parts from other projects were allowed and rebuilding them to fix areas we feel have been failures.

Our first primary work will be focused on our core that will be built on a cms project we have been using for some time that we feel has become stagnated and heading in the wrong direction.

Our Primary focus is on Open Source projects that will benefit small to medium businesses by bringing easy to install and use systems to make there businesses work.

These project will be outlined in a road map that we are currently finalising.

Primary Project.

Twiggled CMS - This will be the core for everything else to sit on top off.

Twiggled Drive - Much like owncloud and other opensource solutions to compete with Dropbox but with new options and attempt to streamlise the operations and speed.

Twiggled Office - Working on what projects like LibreOffice and others have developed to create a viable alternative to Google Docs or Office 365.

Twiggled CRM - There are many great projects that deal with Open Source however they do not