Protecting Your Computer from the Threats of the Internet

Keeping your computer safe from the threats of the Internet should always be one of your highest priorities, and many threats exist on the Internet.

Should your computer fall victim to one of these threats, such as a virus or some spyware, your personal information and all your stored data could be at risk to theft or damage.

Ultimately, this could ruin you as a business or as a person…The Internet is a very unforgiving place.


We want to help better protect you and your computer from these dangers, so we’ve conjured up a few simple steps for you to take to help you defend yourself on the Internet.


Step One: Have a Good Security System.

Although your computer has its own security software, it isn't 100% reliable when it comes to protecting your computer or your data. We strongly recommend installing a trusted security system to shield your computer from harm when browsing the web.

The most common security systems being used today are AVG, Avast, Avira and Norton. They are a safe, trusted and effective means of protecting your computer and we strongly recommend using one of those mentioned above.


Step Two: Make Your Browser Safe to Search the Internet on.

Whatever browser you use; Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox, there’s always a chance that harmful pop-ups or scams will appear. Make no mistake, they are always out to get you and lure you in with promises of riches and success!  

Most browsers have adopted the extension system. What it does is allow you to add useful little gadgets and add-ons to your browser, and what you want to focus on is an AdBlocker extension!

This little add-on removes many harmful ads and popups, designed to lure you in to divulge sensitive information or to bait you into installing harmful software. With this installed on your browser, you should be relatively safe from most threats of the internet.



Step Three: Keep Your Security System Updated.

As time progresses, things change, things evolve and improve…this goes for the dangers of the internet too. Yesterday you were safe from that pesky virus, but will you be safe today? Keep your security systems updated and keep your firewall switched on, because as the dangers evolve, so do the means to fend them off, and they only come with updates.


Step Four: Be Careful When Checking Your Emails

If you’re checking your emails and you come across an email from an unfamiliar sender, don’t risk it! Some emails are spam and generally contain junk and rubbish information advertising products or get rich quick schemes (Which don’t tend to work, believe us, we’ve checked them out to see what works and does not work online.)

Some emails, however, can have documents or programs attached which could potentially harm your computer severely.

Be mindful of which emails you answer. Don’t chance it.


Step Five: Use your Initiative!

An ad caught your eye? Someone sent you a message, or an email about an easy way to get rich or be successful? A chance to win an item or large sums of money? Don’t fall for it! If it seems too good to be true then it probably is!
Whilst you’re filling out that application form, thinking you’re going to get rich or win something, you’re actually putting all your sensitive and personal details on display for someone with bad intentions.

Or maybe you’re required to download a piece of software? Downloading that software is almost certainly malicious software, viruses, spyware, all with the purpose of recovering sensitive data and damaging your computer.

Don’t fall victim! Be smart, use your initiative!


And there you have it! 5 Easy steps to follow to keep you safer when browsing the Internet.