Web Solutions for Everyone - Crowdfunding our future

Funding our new CMS

We wanted to build our new CMS as fast as we could but it would be difficult for anyone to build a project of this scale, open source, without funding. We want to dedicate our time to this project with all our heart. So to do this we have put ourselves out there to fund our projects ambitions. 

To fund our project we believed the best course of action was to join Crowdfunder.co.uk. We joined Crowdfunder in an attempt to raise the funding we needed to build our CMS from people who believe like we do that the systems used to build an online presence can be improved on. We believe making it as easy as possible for people to get a business, idea or online presence off the ground without the expenses normally associated with getting online. 

 Project aim

Websites should be for everyone. We are creating a system for anyone to share their passions or business online more easily with a Drag & Drop UI.

Running a business is about so much more than just creating a website or online presence. As time is of the essence in any business we believe in a system that makes it all so much faster, simpler and easier.