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 Welcome to Twiggled Blog, Here you can find posts about our upcoming updates, and new features we're going to implement in the future.

You can also find some little posts about using your computer, which you may find useful.

Keeping up with Twiggled

Ideas That Grow in 2017

OK so its May already and we have not been very active on our own blog much over the past year.

We tell our customers on a regular basis to make sure their social media is up to date and that they are active and posting a blog and social post at least once a week.The fact is it is

Web Solutions for Everyone - Crowdfunding our future

Funding our new CMS

We wanted to build our new CMS as fast as we could but it would be difficult for anyone to build a project of this scale, open source, without funding. We want to dedicate our time to this project with all our heart. So to do this we have put ourselves

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

So another year has come and gone and now we are all looking to 2017.

Here at Twiggled it has been an interesting 12 months. We have seen members of the team come and go and some make roots for a long future within our company. We have also started on the new version of our CMS

Open Solution for Open Source

We here at Twiggled have worked collectively and on our own on many open source projects but have become lost with the direction that tends to lead away from something that benefits the community at large to benefit just one organisation or small group within the community.

This is

Protecting Your Computer from the Threats of the Internet

Keeping your computer safe from the threats of the Internet should always be one of your highest priorities, and many threats exist on the Internet.

Should your computer fall victim to one of these threats, such as a virus or some spyware, your personal

Dangerous Emails and Websites

Okay, so recently a few of our clients have been receiving malicious and fraudulent emails, for whatever reason, and they're designed to bait you and trick you into submitting valuable details regarding bank accounts, card numbers and such.


Keeping Your Website Fresh


It’s time to take a seat and have a good long look at your website. It’s time to blow the dust off it and give it a fresh new start.


If your website is looking a bit dull and feels a little stale then it’s time to change things around a litt

Keeping Your Website Updated

Okay so, you’ve finished building a website, it’s fully complete, finalised, the lot. Think you’re finished? Not just yet!

You need to remember to keep your website updated regularly. Adding new information or any content at all to your website is a key role in attracting new c

Twiggled Blog is Live!

Finally, our blog is live! It took some time to get done, but here we are with our brand new blog, and we've really been looking forward to launching it. even has that brand new blog smell too.

Twiggled blog is basically going to be our newswire. We'll